Työsuhdetietoa ja palveluita eurooppalaisella tanssipassilla


The aim of the Dance Passport is to be a source of support for professional dancers in the context of mobility.

It is a union solidarity network for dancers abroad. This scheme allows dancers, who are paid-up union members in their home country, to access local union support and services while working for a short period in any European country where there is a participating union.

Thanks to the strong co-operation and partnership between the union members of the International Federation of Actors (FIA), who have joined hands to offer reciprocal support to their members, the Dance Passport promises better information and more comprehensive protection to dancers working in Europe.

More detailed information and additional support can of course be sought directly from the local union.


 Who can benefit from the Dance Passport?
Are you a dancer planning to spend some time in another European country on a temporary work assignment or simply looking out for job opportunities abroad? If so, the Dance Passport is for you.

The Dance Passport has been designed for professional dancers based in Europe and planning to work for a short period in another European country.

Dance will be able to freely access the information available on this website, including the details of a direct contact person within each of the unions participating in the scheme as well as a set of frequently asked questions, which have been carefully answered by the national union.

The FAQ should offer a first overview of the working conditions in the national dance sector.

For more specific information, advice or any other additional services, the dancer will need to contact the local union and show that he or she is a union member in his/her home country.

Even though this tool is not specifically designed for choreographers, they may also find relevant information on this website.

Where can you use the Dance Passport?

The Dance Passport can be used in any European country where there is a participating union. All the members of the International Federation of Actors representing dancers in Europe are currently in the scheme.

For more information about the unions and countries participating to the Dance Passport, click here.