Upwording Your Work & Life – a 1-3 days workshop with Rivca Rubin in Helsinki and online


Upwording Your Work & Life is a 1-3 days of practice-based learning to develop the quality of our communication, collaboration, leadership and relations.
You will gain an increased understanding of the core elements and approaches essential to creating healthy mutually beneficial communication. Each component and each day will build on the previous. You will leave with a range of options to draw on for your own, another person’s or team’s rigorous reflections and development. These can span from future imagining, planning and realising to creating conducive working and living conditions, and holding and facilitating crucial critical conversations.
​​Rivca Rubin is a facilitator for personal and professional development through practice based learning, mediation and coaching. The instigator of upwording, a joint-artistic director of Islington Mill, co-instigator of Grand ReUnion and co-creator of Tender Hotel.
Charles Lauder works with individuals and teams supporting them to think differently: with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion and engaging young people in leadership roles. He is also a film, TV and theatre director and former Chair of Contact, Manchester.
Together they develop upwording, facilitate organisational development and facilitate Crucial Critical Conversations.
1-3 days workshop with Rivca Rubin 24.–26.8. 9.30am-5pm at Eskus, Helsinki and online. Charles Lauder will join to co-facilitate for Day 3.
Day 1 – 75 €
Days 1+2 – 125 €
Days 1–3 – 150 €
Enroll before 16.8 at info@oblivia.fi.
Further information and a detailed program:
Supported by Helsinki City