Vastaa New Theatre Helsinki -projektin kyselyyn/Answer the survey by 12th July


Teatteri Metamorfoosi and European Theatre Collective have an initiative called New Theatre Helsinki (NTH). They want to hear from you. Be part of the journey and answer the survey by 12th July 2020. Thank you!

New Theatre Helsinki (NTH) is a performing arts initiative between 2020-2022, which was created from the need to make the linguistic and cultural diversity of our society more visible in the field of the performing arts: in its contents, makers and audiences.

The initiative´s purpose is to create a new centre dedicated to the cultural diversity of the performing arts field. NTH aims to be a meeting point and a platform for co-operation between the arts professionals and audiences from diverse backgrounds as well as the existing art institutions.

Please see the survey link below.

This survey asks the views of performing arts professionals – artists, producers and technical workers – of the new space and produces information from potential users, which is used in planning the new centre.

The survey is anonymous and can be answered in Finnish, English or Russian. In addition to a background section, there are 15 questions, which takes max. 10 minutes to answer.

Please submit your answers by 12th July 2020.

The survey is created by the NTH project team. The results are also used in a thesis (Master of Culture and Arts/ Humak University of Applied Sciences). NTH is led by two Helsinki-based theatre associations well experienced in working in the field of performing arts and interculturality. European Theatre Collective is an international theatre collective, formed in 2007. Teatteri Metamorfoosi, formed in 2005, focuses on physical theatre. The NTH project will also create new networks and forms of co-working within the capital region, Finland and the other Nordic countries.

Thank you very much for taking part in this survey and participating in the process of developing the performing arts field more diverse in Finland.

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Thank you! Kiitos!
Best Regards,

Davide Giovanzana
Artistic Director
New Theatre Helsinki
Founder of Teatteri Metamorfoosi

David Kozma
Artistic Director
New Theatre Helsinki
Founder of European Theatre Collective

Marjo-Sisko Lindstedt
Student, Master of Culture and Arts
Humak University of Applied Sciences
/ New Theatre Helsinki