Västmanlandsmusiken announces artist residencies for contemporary dance (Sweden)


Västmanlandsmusiken announces artist residencies for contemporary dance at Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden

Contemporary dance residence: Two-week stay at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan for up to four dance artists.

Select an optional period between 10 August and 1 September 2019.


• Roundtrip travel for 4 people from a departure point within the Nordic region – Riddarhyttan.

• Accommodation for 4 people in Riddarhyttan.

• Ability to cook your own food, both in residen-ce premise and in accommodation

• Teatermaskinen’s ”Kuben” with a stage surface of at least 10×10 m2 and a ceiling height of 8 metres to beams. Between beams 9–10 metres. Floor surface larger without the dance floor.

• Sound, basic lighting, dance floor, dance mat, rigging possibilities.

• Technical support.

• Artistic feed-back if requested.

• Production fee of SEK 6 000 per week per per-son excl. VAT. Payment against invoice.


The residence includes a public meeting with the local community through an open rehearsal, a work-in-pro-gress, a performance form, or whatever suits the resi-dent artists best.

For us at Västmanlandsmusiken and for our residence hosts, it is important to connect with the local community and create long-term audience development.

We would also like the dance artists to, if possible, organise a one-hour workshop with a selected group on one occasion during the residence period. Planning takes place together with the resident  artists.


Active dance artists.


Västmanlandsmusiken wants to provide a platform for the development and renewal of dance of natio-nal importance and create a regional infrastructure to support this.

We want to work to give contempo-rary dance a bigger place on stages and generally in society by:

• giving the artists time for focused work, reflec-tion, exploration and development of their own artistic expression. With or without a finished production in mind.

• inviting the audience to take part of the artistic process in a public meeting, thus strengthening our connection to the local community.

• engaging more organisers through the public meeting at an early stage, in order to receive a work-in-progress or finished work down the line.

Application: Please submit your application by 24 March, to: hellen.smitterberg@vastmanlandsmusiken.se.

The selection will be made at Västmanlandsmusiken by those in charge of Dance & Circus. Responses will be sent out by 7 April.

More information: https://vastmanlandsmusiken.se/app/uploads/2019/03/eng_circus-residence.pdf