What kind of opportunities could online showcases offer for performing arts promotion in the future? Complete a survey!


Sirkuksen ja tanssin tiedotuskeskuksen vastaava tuottaja Anni Leino viimeistelee kulttuurituotannon maisteriopintojaan Viron musiikki- ja teatteriakatemiassa Tallinnassa. Leino kirjoittaa gradua aiheesta online-showcasetapahtumien mahdollisuudet esittävien taiteiden promootiossa. Graduun liittyvä kysely on suunnattu kansainvälisesti toimivien festivaalien ja teattereiden taiteellisille johtajille ja/tai muille ohjelmistosta päättäville sekä taiteilijoille ja ryhmille. Lue lisää alta ja vastaa kyselyyn!

Dear professionals working internationally in the performing arts!

I’m writing my master’s thesis on the topic of the possibilities of online showcase events in performing arts promotion. In my thesis, I’m interested in looking for the opportunities that online showcases could offer for performing arts promotion in the future.

The anonymous survey part of the research is aimed at:

Presenters and programmers (titles may vary) who book international artists and companies in their venue’s/festival’s program.

Artists and their representatives (producer, agent or else) who have experience promoting artists’ or companies’ work in international showcase events.

By completing the survey, you’ll consent to use the data in the research process. The survey is anonymous and doesn’t require giving out any personal information such as contact information, age, gender or name of the organisation. The survey consists of statements (1-5) and two open ended questions (not mandatory).

Filling in the form takes approx. 15 minutes.

Please feel free to share this survey among your network – this would be highly appreciated! Also, if you would like to hear about the results of the research or maybe be part of it later, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Link to the survey ->

Thank you already in advance!

Best regards,

Anni Leino
MA student / Cultural Management programme
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre