WiseMotion Online Course: Introduction to Neuroscience and Creative Movement


The WiseMotion Method improves brain health, emotional well-being and physical abilities with movement, meditation and neuroscience.

Course dates: Sep 24 – Dec 5 2021 (4 weekends + Personal Project)

Location: Zoom + recordings

Course information: https://wisemotionco.com/wisemotion-course/

Course is designed for:

  • Professionals and students in arts (dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, actors, cultural producers, educators, dance teachers etc.)
  • Professionals and students in healthcare (physiotherapists, occupational
    therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, music and/or dance therapists etc.)
  • People with personal interest in holistic health recovery and maintenance.

The course consist of movement practicesneuroscientific presentations, conversations and a Personal Project. The workshops are designed to promote processes in concentration, stress-reduction, creativity and embodied awareness. In addition, physical abilities such as the joint and muscle dynamics and balance are improved. During the neuroscientific presentations, practical examples are used and they are connected with the latest scientific discoveries to everyday life. The Personal Project is made individually on the topic the participant chooses. The project is mentored by Dr. Hanna Poikonen and the projects are presented at the end of the course. The course is given in English and Finnish.

WiseMotion is a method developed by Dr. Hanna Poikonen

Hanna has taught WiseMotion method worldwide in conferences such as Harvard Medical School (United States) and Swissotel Berlin (Germany) and in festivals and institutions such as Sanitas Mayores (Spain), Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland), Gibney Dance (New York City), Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (Spain) and Alive Wellness (Hong Kong) as well as on online platforms such as the Digital Capsule of the Dublin Dance Festival 2020 and the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science iConference 2020. Currently, Hanna continues her Postdoctoral research at the ETH Zurich in Professorship of Learning Sciences and Higher Education focusing on neuroscience of embodied cognition.