Workshop: Movements and Words – with Elsa Couvreur – Turku 11.5.


(around the solo ‘THE SENSEMAKER’)

with Elsa Couvreur

Saturday 11.5.2019  at 13:00 – 15:00
Läntinen tanssin aluekeskus, Manilla-teatteri treenitila (Aurinkobaletin vieressä)
Manilla-tehdas/ Itäinen Rantakatu 64b 20180 Turku

Hinta: 10 eur


In this workshop, the participants are invited to explore the relationship between body language and verbal language, through different tasks and exercises articulated around the meaning of movements and words.

The purpose of this workshop is to search how many meanings a movement can have, how many movements can illustrate a word, and the relationship between the two of them. Elsa intends to work with the voice and the body alike and use them as tools to open new creative possibilities.

The Sensemaker, teaser :

Workshop supported by Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus


At fifteen years old, Elsa entered the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp from which she graduated three years later. She was then admitted into the Junior Ballet of Geneva, ran by Patrice Delay and Sean Wood, where she pursued her education for three years as well.
In October 2012, she co-founded the association Woman’s Move in collaboration with Iona D’Annunzio and Margaux Monetti. She created the solo ’J’ai essayé de ne pas tomber’ (’I tried not to fall’) for the platform InciDanse 2013 in Fribourg, Switerland (also performed in Rotterdam Maaspodium, The Netherlands, in 2017) as well as the production ’Even Raël Would Agree’, a short dance piece for 7 dancers created for Festival Electron 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, and then performed for two years in multiple Swiss cities.
In parallel, she also worked as a dancer for the companies Alias (Guilherme Botelho), Inkörper Company (Aurélien Dougé) and Yann Marussich and collaborated with theatre company AGP as a guest choreographer for the production ’Le Salon des Confidence’ (2016).
In 2017, she created the pieces ’The Sensemaker’ and ’Drop the Gogo’ for Woman’s Move. Both productions toured in Switzerland and abroad during the following months. In 2018, she created the duet ’Anchor’ in collaboration with Divisar – Mehdi Duman for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Her creations are rhythmic and theatrical, using irony and humor as tools to communicate on various society issues, and have been critically acclaimed.


The association Woman’s Move was born from a common desire to share different artists’ skills. It is codirected by Elsa Couvreur and Iona D’Annunzio and was created in 2012 in Carouge, Switzerland. Woman’s Move produces creations from its members who sometimes collaborate with artists out of the association. Woman’s Move provides a space of common reflexion as well as an artistic and administrative support. Since its creation, the association has already produced over ten projects (solos, trios, group performance involving dancers, musicians and graphic designers).