Workshop: PHYSICALITY IN PERFORMANCE April 26-30, Berlin


Physicality in Performance -workshop Berliinissä huhtikuussa (maksullinen). Kurssi on suunnattu nykytanssin, liikkeen tai fyysisen teatterin luomisprosesseista kiinnostuneille toimijoille. Ilmoittaudu mukaan!

​The main focus of the program is to answer the crucial nowadays question ”How to enrich dance performances with psychological tension?” and ”How the physicality in acting enriches your performances?”. Probably, these are the two most demanding and most interesting questions that modern directors and choreographers are facing.  The program is designed as a full-day workshop lab, where students will practically / physically explore different techniques that will help them to discover answers to these questions.

​The course may be valuable to practitioners interested in the processes of creating contemporary dance, movement or physical theatre performance — particularly artists wondering what it means to bring an action in performances, to work with text, with images, and many other practical and useful tools for creating professional performances, regardless of budget.

In parallel, students will touch the ”Theatre Biomechanics” technique of Russian Avant-Gard theatre innovator V. Meyerhold, ”Psychological Gesture” of M. Chekhov, the ”Physical Action” of K. Stanislavski and several different techniques.

The working language is English.

The training is designed as a multidisciplinary intensive lab with participation and practice together with performers from different techniques and countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality are one of the most important principles of our programs.

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for choreographers, directors, and performers, who are interested in developing their physicality and stage presence, using techniques from movement, dance, and bodywork. This workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn new techniques and strategies to improve your skills and take your performances to the next level. The in-class session is designed for strong, hardy, disciplined professionals and pre-professionals who are ready to participate from start to finish educational program.

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